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What to know about "JB";

Grew up in Baltimore city, experienced the paranormal at a very young age, "JB" actually died 2 times while in the hospital at the age of 4, "JB" remembers vivid accounts of being on the other side, get to know him and find out more about the other side. At the age of about 8, he came face to face with a shadow person, he is on a quest now to find out who or what they are. 

At the age of 18 "JB" enlisted into the US Marine Corps and served his country proudly for 6 years. He saw some things that would scare you to death, these paranormal encounters are surreal. 

JB was Honorably Discharged in 1987. Ooh Rah!

After the military he stepped into the Federal Law Enforcement side, graduating from the Federal Law Enforcement training center in Georgia, his career began. Of course  he can tell you about encounters of the paranormal that would make your skin crawl, most cops do not talk about them, as he has just begun to tell us about those encounters. He wants to let the world know that the paranormal is real. JB retired from law enforcement but still utilizes those skills for speaking and investigating.

JB also has successfully run his own VIP protection and physical security details.

"JB" started his paranormal research after his mother passed away in the year 2000. 

He has been going non stop since.

A Producer, Director, TV Host/Personality, Author, Paranormal expert and speaker, Paranormal and business consultant, for over twenty  years, JB has presented at universities, bookstores and conventions, at many cities and venues on various topics from Law Enforcement, self defense to the paranormal.

JB became an ordained minister/chaplain in 2010 to better assist and guide people. JB has married many a couple, he gives house blessings, baptisms, counseling and more. 

JB has recently been featured on Travel Channel's Paranormal 911, also Haunted Hospitals 2 on Travel channel, Featured world wide on T & E in Canada, UK and Ireland, He has also been featured on Discovery Networks world wide. Also Featured along with Madam Della Psychic Witch on Talk Radio out of California.

 JB is the executive producer and creator for Devil Dog Film & Movie Productions, he created and hosted several TV  series on Amazon Prime, Like Ghost Aholics Crew Paranormal reality TV show, & Isolation Paranormal Reality TV show, and more under development with well known production companies. 

JB has created and starred in several Horror Movies such as Paranormal Retreat 1 & 2, Realms 1 & 2, Witch Road, and more, showing on several networks.

JB has pushed past limitations in his own life, due to struggling with knowing that he passed away twice at the age of 4, He does not talk much about what he saw or encountered, but it is quite interesting. 

 He turned his life around, running a successful and prosperous life of positive enhancement for all

JB is frequently in demand for motivational speaking at schools, bookstores, radio, conventions and businesses. 

 He has lectured at conventions and universities, and on the radio. He was the founder of  Ghost Aholics Crew Paranormal team, and Parahaunt  a horror and paranormal convention  in Gettysburg, Pa and assist other's in their endeavors.


JB enjoys working out in his home gym, practicing his martial arts and movies when not touring or working.

Along with being a Producer, Director, Author and Production Designer of films, TV, and documentaries for several networks,  he will be appearing on several more shows and series.  

You can book JB for your event, private event, convention, get together, he can speak on any topic as he is well versed.


Paranormal Speaker or Host

Paranormal Guest Investigator

Life After Death

Guides and abilities

Motivational Speaker

Film Making




Self Defense

Law Enforcement

Security Assessments

Business Consultant

and more- Just ask

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