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Gina Marie’s earliest memories, as far back as 3 years old, she has been seeing, feeling, and sensing spirit. When Gina Marie moved to NYC at 17 to go to college and had to live alone is when she was faced with spirit at night not allowing her to sleep. This caused Gina to seek out spiritual help to shut out what she called the ghosts. After making sense of the fact she was a medium and learning how to control her gifts and accepting that the Universe was pushing her to use her gifts to help people she came to terms with the fact she is here in this life to help people understand spirit is always with us.

While in college Gina Marie began delivering messages professionally starting out as a pet psychic for the Rescue Ink in Long Branch New York and working at Choices bookstore in Manhattan. Connecting to passed love ones, spirit guides, angles and ancestors Gina Marie delivers messages to help you feel at peace knowing your loved ones are safe watching over and guiding you.

While talking to spirit Gina Marie found herself guiding her clients on their life’s journey and she asked spirit who was guiding her, they answered The Council. Gina Marie likes to call them the CEO’s of Heaven and by channeling them she is able to help guide her clients with their journey here in the human experience.

Her abilities also include psychic ability, and being able to remote view. Meaning, Gina Marie can look into a life situation by looking at your energy and what energies are connecting to the person and situation and guide her clients to give them insight and possible potential. A reading with Gina Marie will surely leave you with messages of peace, love and guidance from the spirit world.

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